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Image result for graduationsGRADUATION!

At 6:00pm

First we are having a party, when I’m going Inside I felt too nervous.
The teacher give us food for free, also you can dance and do what ever
you want. The party is fun and can play with my friend’s at outside and we eat ice cream. Then I’m going back inside and dance a little bit!


At 6:50pm we’re going and bringing our parent’s inside the Gym.

Then we all sit down on the chair with my friends. Mrs. Robinson and Miss scarrott played video of year 6s to the parents. Then Mr. Quinn talked about the year of people come up to the Werribee primary school and if Mr. Quinn call the year like 2010 and people came at 2010, they need to come up at the front of the Gym.

Also I’m too nervous for getting our certificate as I can’t wait. The teacher of year 6 2016 call their class and get their certificate. We are the last class! When we get up and get the letter for our parent’s, I give my mum the letter. Then we all get one candle and line up around the white line of the Gym and then some teacher turn off the  light and miss Robinson put the fire on the candle and we past one to one. Before we blow the candle out we need to listen when miss Scarrott count 3,2,1 so we can blow. Then we put the candle back in the box. The last bit we can take photos of your friends, teacher or parents, then we go home! Then I feel better!

I had a great night YESTURDAY!



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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

The red poppy

In darkness we are scared

The light help’s us

The soldiers are not sleeping

The soldiers are awake

They help people stay safe

The land is dark we can not see

some soldiers are dead

Their family are dead

Their family are sad

But some are safe

Their Families are happy

I hope the red poppy help us

to remember them.



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Renny Resilience

Do you know what Renny resilience is means?

We are showing you our video of Renny resilience.

Also You can learn about it.

We hope you like our video!

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USA and Australia

I made this infographic to show information about the USA and Australia.



I want to live in Australia because women live longer. Where would you like to live USA or Australia?

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Karenni Deeku festival day

I’m going to tell you about karenni Deeku Festival day. I hope you like it,
but some people’s didn’t know about Deeku.

What do you think about this video?

If you likes you can comment on my blog.

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Karenni Deeku Day

This post is about karenni Deeku day, I’m going to answer questions.

What is Deeku Day?
-Deeku Day is a karenni national day and karenni deeku festival, one year and one time they have a special day.

Why do karenni celebrate Deeku Day?
– All people in refugee camp always do Deeku day. Because every year they celebrate Deeku festival day.

What do you do on the day?
-We do dancing at all people house of Karenni and we eat Deekus, also we drink.

It was very fun on that day!




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